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◆ If necessary, we can send a technical team oversea to guide your installation and support you start up the line. Generally,
    including 2 mechanical engineer,1 electrician and 1 translator. It will take about 30-40 days to finish the installation in general.
    After installation, we will take charge of the single equipment debugging, whole line debugging, and test running with materials.
    We also provide clients with testing data reports of installation and operation for confirmation. We will ensure all the line can
    regularly run under the condition of full load before our technical team leave.

◆ Safety first
    We pay great attention to your safety. We have a very professional and capable technical team with years of experience handling 
    biomass lines installation and debugging. Their professional service can be adjusted flexibly to meet your schedule and high
    standard requirements.

◆ Training
    Well trained staff is essential for the safe operation of a plant, for this reason, we have developed different types of training for customers:
    ◇ In-house training
        - Maintenance training
        - Training in our pilot plant
    ◇ On-site training
        - Operative and Comprehensive training
        - Maintenance training on your machines
  • E-mail: info@hsbiopellet.com
  • WhatsApp: +86 13961284262
  • Skype: liyanghuasheng

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