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Dry Extruder


◆ Available Materials : soybean, corn, soybean meal, wheat, intestinal residue, starch, cicada
      pupa, rice,  mink&fox materials, urea, etc.
◆ Model : HSEP135, HSEP160, HSEP200
 Total Power : 55kw/75kw, 90kw/110kw, 132kw
 Capacity : 0.5-3ton/hour
  Application : Small to large -scale feedstuff extruding pretreatment.

  • Introduction
  • Advantage
  • Technical Data
  • ◆ HSEP Series of Dry Extruder is mainly used for the extruding pretreatment of single feedstuff material or several kinds of mixed
          feedstuff materials, such as soybean, corn, soybean meal, wheat, intestinal residue, starch, cicada pupa, rice, mink&fox materials,
         urea, etc. The finished products are mainly used as the raw materials to make other compound feedstuff.
    ◆ The capacity of Huasheng Dry Extruder is from 0.5-3.0 tons/hour depending on the type of machine and raw material.
     HSEP Series of Dry Extruder is a kind of high cost-effective feedstuff extruder. It adopts unique design which can adjust the screw
         configuration to adapt different material’s processing. It adopts synchronous variable frequency speed control to make the feeding
         smooth and uniform. The extruding chamber is equipped with removable wear-resistant bushing which can reduce the user’s
         accessories costs.

    Finished Products

      High cost-effective Extruder. It can adjust the screw configuration to adapt different kinds of raw material’s processing.
     ◇ Adopt synchronous variable frequency speed control in the whole feeding section to ensure the feeding smooth and uniform.
      Adopt forced feeding device in the extruding chamber. It can completely avoid material dough or block directly entering into
         the extruding chamber to cause the current fluctuation of main motor. This feeding way is stable and smooth. And the current
         of main motor is stable, which can ensure long-term high-efficiency operation.
      The main-shaft bearing box is equipped with heavy thrust bearing to ensure the smooth operation. Adopt automatic cooling device 
          to improve the service-life of bearing and effectively reduce the failure rate.
      Adopt circulating oil lubrication. The lubricant cooler use circulating water as a medium to achieve heat exchange, reducing the
          temperature of lubricating oil to ensure the stability of equipment operation.
      The extruding screw and pressing ring are made by special alloyed materials, which is durable and wear-resistant.
     The extruding chamber is equipped with removable wear-resistant bushing(made by special material). Do not need to replace the
          whole extruding chamber, which greatly reduce the user's accessories costs.

  • Model Main Power(kw) Capacity (ton/hour)
        Corn Soybean
    HSEP135 75(55) 0.5-0.8 0.6-0.8
    HSEP160 110(90) 0.8-0.9 1.5-2
    HSEP200 132 1.2-1.5 2.5-3