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Automatic Packing Machine


◆ Available Materials : wood pellets and other biomass pellets
◆ Model : HS-AP50
◆ Main Power : 13kw
◆ Capacity : 12-25 tons/hour
◆ Application : Large-scale pellet bagging production.

  • Introduction
  • Advantage
  • Technical Data
  • ◆ This Completely Automatic Pellets Bagging Machine consists of quantitative electronic scale, bag
        supply device, bag feeding device, bagging device, clamping-mouth shaping machine, hot-sealing device,
        reladling machine, shaping machine, robot palletizer, pallet warehouse, pallet conveyor, film wrapping
        device, full-stack conveyor and other components. It is an ideal equipment to assemble in acompletely 
        automatic pellet production line.
    ◆ This line greatly improves the automation of the entire pellet production line. And save much labor and
        cost for daily production.
  • ◆ CE approved by SGS.
    ◆ Really completely automatic pellet bagging line.
    ◆ Wide range of packaging.
    ◆ High precision and efficiency.
    ◆ Easy operation and maintenance.
    ◆ Widely used for medium and large capacity of compete pellet plant.
  • Model HS-AP50
    Packing Range 25-50 kg/bag
    Power 13 kw
    Capacity Approx. 500 bags/hour
    Packing Bags PE bags
    Sealing Mode Hot sealing
    Air Source 0.55~0.65Mpa
    Air Consumption ~130 Nm3/h
    Packaging Accuracy ±0.1-0.2%  FS