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  • Introduction
  •  Background:
        Project : Complete Wood Pellet Plant
        Raw Materials : wood sawdust, shavings and offcut(rubber tree)
        Output Capacity : 5 tons/hour pellets
        Location : Southeast Asia
       ◇ Main Equipment : Rotary Sifter, Rotary Drum Dryer, 3 pcs of Pellet Mills, Cooler, Bagging Machine,
           Conveyors, Bucket Elevators and other auxiliary equipment.

        Remarks : 
           - Our Pellet Mill can produce high quality of rubber tree pellets. And these rubber tree pellets are mainly exported to Japan and Korea.
          It is the most perfect complete wood pellet plant at this client’s local area. And their wood pellets are very popular in sales market.
           - This client sent their staff to China and learn the operation, maintenace of pellet plant in our factory and running plants for some time.
           It greatly save energy, time and costs for his own complete pellet plant assembly and running at their local place.