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 - China 's earliest manufacturer of biomass pellet mill
 - China's biomass pellet production technology leader
 - China's biomass pellet production industry first brand

 - CE and ISO9001 certified manufacturer
 - 400 successfully running pellet production plants and machines
 - 6 national invention patents, more than 40 national practical new patents


◆ Introduction of Liyang Huasheng Machinery Co.,Ltd
     Liyang Huasheng Machinery Co.,Ltd was founded in January, 2003, which was the earliest manufacturer of biomass
     pelletizing machines in China. Since then Huasheng has only produced biomass pelleting and related machines, wear
     parts for the entire pelletizing technology and plant. It is located in Shezhu Town, Industrial Zone,Liyang City, Jiangsu
     Province. The total area of its workshop is about 30,000㎡.
     Its core business includes design, manufacture,installation, assembly, training, accessories, and after-sales service
     of machinery and production lines used in biomass pellet industry. 

     Well over 400 plants and machines from Huasheng have since enjoyed success with continuous use domestic and
     worldwide, including:

     Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia, Bulgaria, Serbia, England, Greece, Chile,
     Mexico, Australia, etc.

     Through long-term research and development, Huasheng has got the ISO9001 Quality Management System Certificate,
     CE Certificate by SGS, 6 national invention patent and 40 national practical new invention patent on pelleting industry,
     etc. In addition, Huasheng has established long-term cooperation with Tsinghua University on biomass pelleting field.
     Currently, Liyang has become the global biomass equipment processing base. It has large mold forging workshops,
     China's most advanced ring die vacuum quenching furnace and a complete production chain consisting of several
     auxiliary equipment manufacturers. Huasheng has already mastered the advanced mould processing technology and
     technical flow.